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About Elektrimo

Faster, Farther, Fitter

Elektrimo lets you have FASTER rides covering FARTHER distances with fraction of the effort and burning calories at the same time.

Moving FASTER, travelling FARTHER and getting FITTER with ELEKTRIMO is fun

Travel has never been so much FUN

Cruising past traffic to get to work or school, enjoying a healthy outing or doing daily errands is fun with elektrimo and more importantly fun for everyone.

Elektrimo is guaranteed to put a smile on your face - every ride! 

Sweat Free Commute


With throttle and PAS added, elektrimo helps you beat traffic congestion. You can get to work pumped-up, sweat-free & feeling good and looking fresh. You won’t be worn down from the ride.

Hills, Ramps, Flyovers, Headwinds and Traffic are a thing of past with Elektrimo

Get out There


Studies have proven consistently that ebike user tend to bike longer distance with more frequency compared to conventional cycle users. 9 out of 10 e-cycle riders ride weekly.

Versatility of ELEKTRIMO gives you many reasons to ride

E-cycles are great Equlaiser


Elektrimo is a great equaliser. It allows riders of different speeds, calibre, ability and fitness levels to easily ride together. It helps you to keep up with your faster cyclist friend.

ELEKTRIMO removes barriers for riding

Built To Last

We built our bikes to handle all the use and abuse you throw at it across the day, across the seasons. 

Day or Night, Rain or Shine, Good or bad roads - ELEKTRIMO is built to last