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Elektrimo- India's best ebikes

The World of Electric Cycles

Who We Are

Elektrimo is an Idea of setting out to create the next trend in mobility, an electric mobility solution unlike any. We want to provide a cheaper, more ecological means of transportation, popularly known as Ebikes or generally Electric Cycles. Our Ebikes is the means of transportation that helps preserve the environment: it reduces air contamination, ecological footprints, carbon emissions, is healthy and very inexpensive!

@ Elektrimo - Our Product is not just an Ebike, but a way of 'LIFE'

Why The Electric Cycle

Ebikes are Incredibly Good Fun!

Do yourself a favor and go watch some people test-riding electric bikes. Almost every one of them reacts the same when they set off for the first time – a momentary look of surprise, followed by a giant smile and sometimes even a whoop of joy!

Faster Travel – Electric Bikes are Faster than Cars!

Anyone who has ever sat in traffic gridlock: knows the fact that the best of four wheeler fails to manage even a 10 kmph sometimes.

Enter the E-bike, Quick and effortlessly cuts through traffic.

Health Benefits

In the Tour de France, equipping your bike with a small electric motor is called mechanical doping, and is considered cheating. But for the rest of us, an e-Bike is a way to make exercise both tolerable and practical.


If thoughts of global warming leave you cold, consider this: Compared to a car, moped or motorcycle, an electric bike provides a clean, green, no-petrol transportation alternative.

Easy on Pockets

The fuel which we all depend is a very vulnerable commodity. An electric bike usage can certainly reduce oil consumption, and help to make our oil last longer. Also saving a lot of money stay in our pockets.


The convenience of the electric motor will encourage you to take longer, more daring bicycle trips without the consideration and fear in having to pedal all the way back.

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